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Hookah smoking is an ancient tradition that has virtually swayed the entire world. Well, talking about as to what is Hookah, it is basically a multi stemmed water pipe that is used for smoking. Hookah smoking is based on the mechanism of indirect heat and water filtration. The concept of Hookah smoking originated in India; however, it attained fame under the Ottoman Turks. Hookah is famous by different names at different places, the more popular names being narghile, shisha, okka and kalian.

Hookah smoking is such a relaxing and soothing experience that it will make you forget your problems for a while and take you on a journey to the seventh heaven. Thus, Hookah is not just considered to be a status symbol, but more often viewed as means that lead to the complete relaxation of mind and body. Today, Hookah bars not just serve as a place for smoking, but provide a platform to develop and enhance social circles. To know more about the Indian Hookahs, read on.

Hookah Accessory

Hookah is made up a large number of components. Well, in this article, we will provide you with information on the structure and composition of Hukkah.

Different Accessories of Hookah

The term bowl refers to the head or the topmost part of the Hookah, which is basically a container or vessel that holds the tobacco. It is usually made up of clay or marble. The tobacco that the bowl contains is used during the smoking session.

Hose refers to the slender tube through which the smoke is drawn.

Body, Gasket & Valve
The body of the Hookah is known as govde that comes along with a gasket attached at the bottom. The gasket shuts the connection between the body and the water jar. The gasket more often has an opening with a valve in it, which aids in clearing the smoke via water jar rather than through the hose.

Water jar
At the bottom of the Hookah, there is a water jar, from where the smoke generated during the smoking session passes before reaching the hose. When the smoke passes through water, it acquires moisture. This is what makes the inhalation of smoke arising from Hookah easier than that of a cigarette smoke. It also performs the function of filtering the smoke.

Just beneath the bowl, there is a plate that is not of much use in the Hookah smoking. It is basically used for the dead coals resulting from the previous smoking sessions.

Grommets are mostly fixed between the body and the bowl, the water jar and the gasket of body, the hose and the body.

Hookah Effects

Is Hookah smoking bad for you? Well, it's a fact that Hookah has quite often been alleged for causing cancer. The concept of Hookah smoking has its origin in the Middle East and later this ancient tradition became a popular trend in the Western countries as well. It is not very safe to use Hookah water pipes, as they are not able to filter out the entire toxins and the left out elements tend to cause harm to the human body. Nicotine is especially addictive and thus quite injurious to health. Several kinds of cancer and gum diseases are associated with Hookah smoking. Thus, there can be real dangerous effects of smoking Hookah.

People resort to Hookah smoking as a part of social activity, but gradually, they tend to get so addicted to Nicotine that it often becomes quite tough for them to quit smoking. Infact, their chances of indulging in cigarette smoking is on a higher side. False claims are made about Hookah smoking, which suggest that the risk involved in it is very low, infact next to nothing. It is said that the water pipe filters out all the toxins, however, till date, there is no such study that has given a conformation to this statement. Infact, any sort of smoking then be it cigarette smoking or Hookah smoking is indeed detrimental to health.

The increasing craze among the common people to go in for Hookah smoking has become a cause of worry. It is considered to be voguish to smoke Hukkah, despite the fact that there are tremendous health risks associated with its use. People are of the belief that Hookah smoking is less toxic, as compared to cigarette. However, this is unfortunately not the truth and the reality is that it is equally lethal as the cigarette smoking. Infact, a single session of Hookah smoking, which usually lasts about 30-60 minutes, causes equivalent harm as a pack of cigarettes. So, be cautious about the use of Hookah water pipe and smoke in moderation.

Hookah Etiquettes

Hookah is a tradition of the past, which has a lot of relevance even in today's times. Infact, in the present era, smoking Hookah is considered highly fashionable. Hookah is not smoked merely for the sake of smoking, it rather acts as great means to relax and enjoy oneself. The pleasure that people derive out of it has simply no comparison. It makes them feel as if they are in the seventh heaven.

People who consider themselves stylish or are regarded modish by others can usually be found smoking Hookah in one of the bars or cafes. Well, people, but not to forget, smoking Hookah won't be enough to complete your style statement, you also need to exhibit good etiquettes, as the total behavior counts. The person smoking Hukkah should follow certain ethics and demonstrate good conduct for others to learn and practice.

Hookah Smoking Etiquettes

  • Don't be hasty about smoking Hookah. You can enjoy only by being patient. Take your own sweet time and unwind yourself.

  • When you are through with smoking and want to hand over the hose to another person, be courteous enough to turn the metal stem connection of the hose towards him.

  • It is not a good etiquette to light the cigarette using the lit charcoal of the hose.

  • Never blow smoke on the other person's face.

  • In case of a multi hose Hookah, one should never blow the hose to clear the smoke especially at the time when the other person is smoking.

  • Avoid the practice of sharing the plastic mouthpiece with someone else, as it is not considered to be a hygienic practice. Unhygienic conditions can give rise to varied problems. So, refrain from indulging in such a practice.

  • When you are satisfied and wish to finish Hookah smoking, wrap the hose of Hookah in a proper manner. The hookah should be set up in the right way, so that it can be used by other person.

  • Only smoke the tobacco from the hookah and nothing else.


Hookah History

The origin of Hookah smoking can be dated millennia back and its initial traces have been found in the North Western provinces of India alongside the border of Pakistan in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Hookahs of the ancient times were very simple, rugged and archaic in design. The initial Hookahs were crafted out of a coconut shell base. The Hookah headed for Persian Kingdom and made its way towards Pakistan, Afghanistan, many parts of Asia and Arab parts of Northern Africa. To know more about the origin & history of Hookah smoking, read on…

While on the way to Persia, Hukkah smokers came across a new concept of Tombeik, which refers to a dark tobacco that is predominantly cultivated in modern day Iran. Tombeik is washed and packed in the large heads designed in the old style. Hot coal is then applied to the wet Tombeik and this lends a strong flavor to the tobacco. These primitive style heads of Hookah were more popularly known as "ghelune" amongst the Persians. The Hookahs designed at the time of Persian Empire are still crafted with hand using pieces of wood.

By the nineteenth century, many women in Persia indulged in Hukkah smoking considering it to be a great pastime activity. When Hookah found its way in Turkey, it gained momentum at a very fast pace. It became an icon of fashion and a symbol of high status. It transformed completely in terms of its style and design. It became quite complex in designing and attained its final shape that we find today. New additions were made like the introduction of brass and glass in the designing of Hukkah water pipe. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, mosaics and elaborate paintings were added.

Hookah saw tremendous popularity in its growth in the Turk society. It went to the extent of finding its way in the bars. The Hookah bar tender was given the same status as that of a chef, due to the extensive preparations required in setting the Hookah. The tradition of smoking Hukkah went a step ahead and headed towards Lebanon and Syria, where it was named Nargile. Later, it migrated to Egypt and Morocco, where it got the name Shisha. In Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates., it is popularly known as Hubble bubble. In the contemporary times, Hookah bars are seen as a social place, where people discuss on varied issues such as politics and several local events.

Hookah Pipe

Hookah smoking is viewed as a form of art that requires a great deal of effort in setting the Hookah and smoking in the right technique. This popular art of the bygone times has been passed by one generation to another. The fashion of Hookah will never fade and always remain in vogue. The water pipes of the seventeenth century are finding their way in the coffee shops, cafes and plethora of bars spread all across the country. Thus, Hookah pipes are a major hit amongst people, especially youngsters, who are more often turning to Hookah smoking to maintain their chic voguish image.

Hookah waterpipe is known by different names at different places. Some people call it Narghile or Narghila, while amongst the other sections or communities, it is known as Shisha or Sheesha. It is often said that the initial Hookah pipe was crafted and designed out of a coconut shell in Persia or India. Thereafter, it spread its influence in the entire Arab World. In Turkey, the designing of Hookah water pipe underwent some transformation and acquired its final form that we find today.

By the 20th century, Hookah became a symbol of high status. The body of the Hookah pipe is basically a curved vessel known as govde which holds water and from the vessel, mounts a graceful stem. At the top of the stem, there is a bowl known as lle, which carries tobacco. Depending on the set up of Hookah, there can be one or several Hose, which are more commonly called marpuc. The hose comes with a mouthpiece (agizlik) attached at the end that is used to smoke down through the water.

In the contemporary times, you'll be astonished to see the amazing variety of Hookah pipes available, ranging from Syrian to Egyptian styles. You can even get the Hookah customized according to your personal preference. The traditional material used in the making of Hookah pipe was blown glass. The pipe was further embellished with coating of brass, carved stonework, porcelain, silver etc. All these materials are still in usage; however, there are some new additions to materials such as high quality acrylic, stainless steel, rubber, Pyrex glass and many more. Choice of Hookah pipe reveals varied aspects of a person's personality such as whether the person smoking Hookah is stylish or traditional.

How to Use a Hookah

There is a proper technique of smoking Hookah. In certain cultures, people are very particular about following the step by step instructions of Hookah smoking. Since, Hookah is more often resorted to as means of relaxation, one must enjoy completely. One should not be in a hurry to finish smoking; rather he/she should be patient and derive pleasure. Read on some tips to find out as to how to setup and smoke a Hukkah.

How to Use a Hookah

  • The jar that is fixed at the bottom of the Hookah tube is filled with water. The water level should be such that it covers just a few centimeters of the tube.

  • There is a bowl at the top of the Hookah tube, in which tobacco is placed. Burning charcoal is placed just above the tobacco. In certain cultures, the bowl is wrapped with a tin foil perforated with small holes. The basic idea is to separate the tobacco and charcoal, as it will ensure that the person smoking does not inhale coal ash.

When a person smokes via the hose, air passes through the charcoal and then goes into the bowl, which contains tobacco. The hot air from the coal heats the tobacco, thereby generating smoke. The smoke moves down into the tube and then proceeds for the water jar. Thereafter, the smoke again passes through the hose and finally reaches the smoker.

Note: It is of paramount importance to seal the varied components of Hookah tightly using the grommets, as the air that did not pass through the burnt charcoal is likely to dilute the smoke.