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Amarnath Yatra

One of the most important events during July/ August is Amarnath Yatra to the Holy Pilgrimage. This is an annual event when thousands of Hindus from different corners of the Globe visit Amarnath caves. The pilgrims trek from Pahalgam to these caves and worship the great ice Lingam.

Legend has it that Shiva recounted to Parvati the secret of creation in a cave in Amarnath. Unknow to them, a pair of mating doves eavesdropped on this conversation and having learned the secret, are reborn again and again, and have made the cave their eternal abode.Many pilgrims report seeing the doves-pair when they trek the ardous route to pay obeisance before the ice-lingam (the phallic symbol of Shiva).

This is an event you certainly will talk about for the rest of your life.

July is time for the annual Amarnath Yatra one of the most sacred and popular pilgrimages to the holy snow-clad cave shrine of Lord Shiva in the beautiful northern Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Of all Hindu pilgrimages, Amarnath situated at an altitude of 3,880 metres in the southern Kashmir Himalayas is considered one of the holiest.

Darshan at the Holy Cave is generally open from early July (Ashad Purnima) to early August (Sharvan Purnima). In 2001, the pilgrimage started on July 4, and in its first week drew more than 10,000 pilgrims for the darshan of the naturally-formed ice Shiva Lingam at the holy cave shrine, according to official records. Since July 2 onwards, 3,500 pilgrims set off daily from the base camp in Jammu to Amarnath. The yatra or pilgrimage that year concluded on August 4, the day of the "Raksha Bandhan" festival.




                  YATRA DATE : 07 JUNE 2009 TO 05 AUGUST 2009










SRINAGAR – 190001


 TEL: 0194-2455221, 2455701, 2455705

FAX: 0194-2473623

MOBILE: 09419002830, 09906500102

Email: shiraztravels@yahoo.com




The Legend

Yatra Dates for 2009 – 07.06.2009 TO 05.08.2009  

There is famous Rigvedic Verse that says "Ekam Sat " that is "There is one Being ,the sages call Him by many names." The  God (Parmeshwar) has three deities who carry on the world .This is Known as Holy Trinity. Brahma- the creator, Vishnu - the perpetuator of life and Shiva (Mahesh ) -the purifier and perpetuator of good and destroyer of evil. Rig Veda refer Shiva as Rudra as in its following verse .  "We Worship Tryambaka (Rudra) , Who spread Fragrance and Increases Nourishment , May He release me ,like the cucumber from its stem , From Mortal Life , But not From Immorality . "(Rig Veda Mandal VII Sukta 59 and Mantra 12)
    The Yajurveda describes Shiva as ascetic warrior Whose robe is of Deer Skin  and He carries Trishul . 
According to the verse Satyam, Shivam ,Sundaram ,the life is described as having three facets Truth (Satyam), Good (Shivam) and the Beautiful (Sundaram).
        Shiva is a living God. The most Sacred and  ancient books of India, the Rig Veda narrates His presence in the hymns. Vedic myths, rituals and even astronomy testifies to His existence from the dawn of time .The Mohindaro and Harapa findings confirm Shiva worship in the ancient India. According to the older scriptures, He has three places  of His residence. One is  Kailash Parvat another  is Lohit Giri under which Brahamputra flows and third is Muzwan Parvat . 
  The Amarnath Cave has special significance .
    The  Legend about the  importance of Amarnath Cave is as follows :-
      This is The Cave which was chosen by Bhole Shankar  for narrating the secrets of immortality and creation of Universe  to Maa Parvati ji .   The story goes like this  .   Centuries ago Maa Parvati asked Shiv ji  to  let her know why and when  He  started wearing the beads of heads ( Mund Mala)  .   Bhole Shankar replied when ever you are born  I add one more head in my beads .  Maa Parvati said ,"  My Lord, my body is destroyed every time  and I die again and again, but you are Immortal. Please let me know the secret of this ." Bhole Shankar replied that it is due to Amar Katha ."
         Maa Parvati insisted that she may be told that secret.  For long Shiva ji continued postponing .   Finally on consistent demand from Maa Parvati He made up his mind to tell the immortal secret . He started  for    lonely  place  where  no living  being  could  listen  it .  He choose Amarnath Cave .  In preparation to that He left His Nandi ( The Bull which He used to ride )  at Pahalgam (Bail gaon) .  At Chandanwari He released Moon from his hairs (Jataon). At the banks of Lake Sheshnag He released the snakes .  He decided to leave his Son Ganesha at Mahagunas Parvat (Mahaganesh Hill ) . At Panjtarni, Shivji  left the Five Elements behind (Earth , Water, Air , Fire and Sky)  which make living being . He is the Lord of these elements.  It is believed that as a symbol of sacrificing the earthly world , Shivaji and  Maa Parvati  had Tandav Dance . After leaving behind all these, Bhole Shankar enters the Holy Amarnath Cave along with Parvati Maa . Lord Shiva takes his Samadhi on the Deer Skin and concentrate . To ensure that no living being is able to hear the Immortal Tale , He created Rudra named Kalagni and ordered him  to spread fire to eliminate every living  thing in and around the Holy Cave . After this He started narrating  the secret of immortality to Maa Parvati . But as a matter of chance one egg which was lying beneath the  Deer skin remained protected . It is believed to be non living and more over it was protected by Shiva -Parvati Asan (Bed) .  The pair of pigeons which were born out of this  egg became immortal  having listened the secret  of immortality (Amar Katha). 
 Many pilgrims report seeing the pair of pigeons  when they trek the arduous route to pay their obeisance before the Ice-Lingam (the phallic symbol of Shiva).

Discovery of Holy Cave
The story narrated by people about the discovery of this Holy Cave  is of  a Gujjar ( shepherd) Buta Malik . He is given the credit of discovering this Holy Cave  . Story goes like this , that a saint gave Buta Malik a bag full of Coal. On reaching his home when he opened the bag , to his  utter surprise the bag was full of gold coins . This made him overwelmed with joy. He  ran to thank the Saint . But,  what he found was that  the  Saint had disappeared . Instead , he found  The Holy Cave and Shiv Lingam there in . He announced the discovery of this  to the Villagers. Then onwards this has become the sacred place of Pilgrimage .
    The ancient epics narrate an other  story which  goes like this. The valley of Kashmir was under water .It was a big lake. Kashyap Rishi drained the water through number of rivers and rivulets . In those days Bhrigu Rishi came that way on a visit to The Himalyas. He was the first to have Darshans of this Holy Cave . When people heard of the Lingam, Amarnath for them  became Shiva’s abode and a Centre of pilgrimage . Since then Lacs of devotees perform the pilgrimage through tough terrain and avail eternal happiness.
The trek to Amarnath, in the month of sharavan ( July–August) has the devout flock to this incredible shrine, where the image of Shiva, in the form of a Lingam, is formed naturally of an Ice Stalagmite, which waxes and wanes with the Moon's cycle . By its side are fascinating, two more Ice Lingams, that of  Maa Parvati and of their son, Ganesha .

Amarnath Yatra

When To Take UP Yatra
The Amarnath Yatra is organised every year by the J &K Govt. during  the month of sharavan ( July and August); the dates  however , vary every year looking  at the weather  conditions and according to Purnima (Raksha Bandhan) in the month of Sharavan (Vikrama Samwat).

     Yatra to Baba Amarnath Holy Cave for which one has to trek a height of  about 14,500 ft  is full of thrill and joy .The  feeling  of divine which is always beneath  ones' heart ,  burst out and one realises ‘Moksha’  as one attends  the Cave   and   perform the  prayer  before the  Shivlinga . Surrounded by beautiful valleys, mountains , one  will  always  feel  His presence on the paradise of the earth, the memory of which hardly vanishes with time    A  journey  which  will  rediscover the nature and its love  which  is always  inside but one has never felt.

The climatic conditions are very uncertain . Rain or snowfall may take  place  at any time  or  place during the Yatra . It is to be particularly noted that abrupt changes in temperature might occur . Sunny weather may turn into rain / snow fall in  a short time .  The temperature may fall upto -5 degree C . 

How to Perform Pilgrimage
For performing this Yatra, one is required to get registered . The registration is done by J &K Govt. Tourist Offices, located at Delhi , Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jammu and Srinagar.

Applications for registration in the prescribed format which is reproduced here .You can get  the print out of this form and this can be used for registration .The filled in form  should be sent to the registration office nearest to you , along with two passport size photographs duly affixed at the indicated places, a self addressed pre stamped envelope (for speed post) and a medical fitness certificate from an MBBS doctor .   Each yatri has to submit a seperate application for registration.   Every yatri will be issued a registration-cum-identity slip  by the registration authority. Yatris are advised to  carry this identity slip   during the  Yatra period to ensure a smooth passage . 

Travelling Expenditure:

Bus Fare (Per Person)






Jammu To Pahalgam

Rs. 200.00

Rs. 155.00

Rs. 130.00

Rs. 220.00

Jammu To Baltal

Rs. 240.00

Rs. 200.00

Rs. 160.00

Rs. 270.00

Taxi Fare (Per Person)


TATA SUMO ( 7 Seater )

AMBASSADOR / VAN ( 5 Seater )

Jammu To Pahalgam


Rs. 520.00

Jammu To Baltal

Rs. 550.00

Rs. 760.00

Other Expenditure:

Chandanwari to Holy Cave
Rates as per  J&K Government (up & down)


Coolie Labour

Rs. 1100.00



Rs. 7000.00


Rs. 2300.00

Baltal to Holy Cave
Rates as per  J&K Government (up & down)


Coolie Labour

Rs. 700.00


Rs. 3500.00


Rs. 1100.00

NOTE : The above  rates are fixed by J & K Tourism .These are maximum rates. However , Yatris can avail the above facilities at lower rates depending upon their bargaining power.

All Yatris are advised  the following :
Insurance : In view of the hazardous nature of the Yatra, pilgrims are advised to get themselves insured  suitably. It is  advisable  that insurance cover  may be got done before leaving their place of residance. 

Accommodation :

Bhole Bhandari Charitable Trust (Regd.) 

 provides  tented accommodation & Community Kitchen (Langar) to  the pilgrims TOTALLY FREE OF COST. This year this service will be made available at Panchtarni . Your valuable suggestions are solicited  by  filing  up the form  provided here on the website .

Free accommodation is also  being provided by other  Non Government Charitable Organisations. However, J&K Tourism Development Corporation too  provides tented accommodation and shelters at nominal charges.

Personal Tips :
Because of the unpredictable  weather conditions, which  often are  wet and extremely cold during the Yatra period, pilgrims are advised to carry rain coat, woollen clothing, small umbrella (with head elastic band and strap around chin), walking stick , dry fruits, torch and  personal medical kits etc.

Route Map

Situated in a narrow gorge at the farther end of the Lidder Valley, Amarnath Holy Cave stands at 3,888 mtrs. and is 363 kms. from Jammu Via Pahalgam and about 414 kms. from Jammu Via Baltal. The detailed description of the two routes to the Holy Cave is given below:

 How to Reach
                 One can reach the first part of journey through ;
         The nearest aerodrome is Srinagar. Srinagar is a beautiful valley having world famous sights to see, such as Dal Lake, Nagina Lake, Shankaracharya Temple, Mughal Gardens and what not. It is the most sought after  tourist place. It is also known as "Paradise on earth". Srinagar is summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir. There are daily flights to Srinagar from Delhi and Jammu. On some week days flights also pickup  passengers from Chandigarh and Amritsar .

           Jammu is the nearest Railway Station . Jammu is winter Capital of Jammu & Kashmir. Jammu is a beautiful city and is also known as "CITY OF TEMPLES". One may  visit old temples such as Raghunath Temple , Mahadev Mandir and other temples . It is well connected with all stations of India.The various trains coming to Jammu are listed here below.
Road :
          Jammu and Srinagar are also connected through road. Buses and Taxies are also available for this part of the  journey .These can be hired on daily as well as full tour basis.
How to Reach Amarnath Holy Cave :
          Though it is tough route still nearly one and a half  lac pilgrims visit  every year . The number of pilgrims is increasing every year. The journey from Jammu onward is by road and there are two routes . The details are given here.

1) JAMMU – PAHALGAM – HOLY CAVE. (Traditional Route)
Jammu to Pahalgam (315 km) – The distance between Jammu to Pahalgam can be covered by Taxi / Buses. These are  available at Tourist Reception Centre, J & K Govt., Raghunath Bazaar only early in the morning. But one can also come to Srinagar by air and then move to Pahalgam by road











16.0 KM





3.0 KM 





11.0 KM





4.6 KM





9.4 KM




3.0 KM





3.0 KM


          It is 96 KM from Srinagar .This distance can be covered by car,bus or taxi. Pahalgam is  known all over the world  for its beauty. It is small town situated on the banks of Lidder River. It is surrounded by high mountains. All essentials can be bought here. Good Hotels are  available for accommodation. However the arrangements for stay and Langar are also made  by the Non Government  Service Organisations.
          The distance from Pahalgam to Chandanwari is 16km. The route is good .It can be covered by road transport also. Mini buses are also available from Pahalgam to reach Chandanwari. The trail runs along the Lidder River . The route is scenic. Food is available here. Pilgrims camp at Pahalgam or Chandanwari on the first night .
          As the Yatra proceed further from Chandanwari one climbs a height to reach Pissu Top. It is said  that to be first to reach for darshan of  Bhole Nath Shivshankar there was a war between Devtas and Rakshas . With the power of Shiv , devtas could kill the rakshas in such large number that the heap of their dead bodies has resulted in this high mountain. 

         This second day’s trek of 12 kms  from Chandanwari is through Pissu Top and   spectacular, primeval countryside, and reaches Sheshnag – a mountain which derives  its name from its Seven Peaks, resembling the heads of the mythical snake. The Journey to Sheshnag follows steep inclines on the right bank of a cascading stream and wild scenery untouched by civilisation. The second night’s camp at Sheshnag overlooks the deep blue waters of Sheshnag lake, and glaciers beyond it. There are legends of love and revenge too associated with Sheshnag, and at the camp these are narrated by campfires . The stillness of a pine scented Himalayan night increases your inner joy. Yatris can take bath and get their fatigue alleviated. It is beautiful and scenic. 

       From Sheshnag one has to climb steep height up across Mahagunas Pass at 4276 mtrs.(14000 ft) for 4.6 KM and then descending to the meadow lands of Panchtarni at a height of 3657 mtrs (12000 ft). The last camp enroute to the Holy Cave is made here on third day. Here one faces cold winds which cause the  skin to crack . Hence cold cream / Vaseline are very useful for protection of skin. Some Yatris are also effected by deficiency of oxygen .Some may get the feeling of vomiting . So dry fruit like Allu Bukhara ,sour and sweet  eatables like Lemon are useful to control these symptoms .  The route to Mahagunas is full of rivulets , water falls , springs . Panchtarni is a very beautiful place in the feet of BHAIRAV MOUNT. Five Rivers flow  here . It is said that the five rivers origanated from Lord Shiva's Hairs (Jataon). Pilgrims camp at Panchtarni on the 3rd night. 

The Holy Cave of Shri Amarnath is only 6 kms from Panchtarni. As there is no place to stay hence the pilgrims start in the  early hours of the morning after their stay at Panchtarni. On the way to The Holy Cave one comes  across  the Sangam of Amravati and Panchtarni. Some pilgrims take bath at Amravati near holy cave  to become pious before going for Darshan. Near the cave is found white soil known as Bhasam. It is the most beloved soil of Shiv ji . The pilgrims apply this Holy soil to their body and then go for Shivlingam Darshan. There are two smaller Shivlings one of Maa Parvati and other of Shri Ganesh. It may be noted that after having  early Darshan of the Shivlinga at Holy Cave one can return to Panchtarni well in time the same day . Some pilgrims camp at Panchtarni while others continue their journey and reach back Sheshnag by the same  evening.

2) Jammu – Baltal – Holy cave (414km)
Jammu – Baltal (400km).
The distance between Jammu and Baltal can be covered by Taxis / Buses available at Tourist Reception Centre, J & K / bus stand or one can come to Srinagar by air and then reach Baltal by road. The road route followed is :
JAMMU – Udhampur – Kud -  Patnitop – Ramban – Banihal – KaziGund – Anantnag – Srinagar - Sonamarg – Baltal.

The journey from Jammu to Baltal which is about 400 kms. is full of beautiful Sites and one can experience of being in Heaven , a  Paradise on earth. Passing through beautiful valleys, steeped mountains, one is sure of forgetting , oneself as a person ,for a while . A thrill, which is obviously there in every pilgrim gets enhanced while passing through this way owing to the Darshan of Holy Cave. In nutshell, a journey which can go down to your memory throughout the lifetime.

Baltal to Holy Cave
From Baltal Holy Cave is just 14 Kms.

This distance can be covered by foot / Ponies. However, Dandies are also available for handicapped and old aged pilgrims.

The width of the pebbled (kuchha) road is a bit narrow as compared to the Chandanwari-Holy Cave route, moreover , there are some steep rises & falls on the way , as compared to the Chandanwari route, but pilgrims can return back to base camp Baltal through this route only in one day.

To reach Jammu from different parts of country :

Bus Services :Govt. Bus Services are available from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal to Jammu

Schedule of Trains to Jammu Tawi from various Stations please visit  :                                                http://www.indianrail.gov.in/inet_metro_trns.html

Airline Services : You can reach Jammu, Srinagar by Air from different parts of the country. For latest information please contact the Indian Airlines office. From Srinagar you can go to Pahalgam / Baltal  by Bus /Taxi.Approximate fare from Jammu to Srinagar is Rs.1300.00 per Person by Jet Airways.
For further Information regarding flights visit at : www.jetairways.com

Pictorial View

View  of  Chandanwari Side taken  from Pissutop

Beautiful View  of  Sheshnag Lake

View of  Holy Cave as seen  from out side 

View Pigeons In
Holy Cave

Inside View of Holy Cave

 Darshan of Holy Shiva Lingam as on  MAY - 2007

List of designated Branch of Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.,

Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad – Pather Ghatti, J.N.Road

 Patna – Phulwari Sharief

Sector 17

Azadpur; Chandni Chowk; Naraina; Navin Shadara; Okhla; Rohini; South Extenison; Sarita Vihar; Vasant Vihar


Ahmedabad; Baroda (Lal Bagh); Surat

Ambala Cantt; Gurgaon; Hissar; Karnal; Panipat;Rohtak

Dharmshala; Kullu; Shmla

Bangalore – SPJ Road; Infantry Road; Mysore

Kochi; Ernakularm; Thriuvananthapuram

Mumbai; Andheri (East); Kalbadevi, Mira Road, Vashi; Aurangabad; Nagpur; Pune

Bhopal; Indore

 Amritsar - Shastri Market; Majith Mandi; Batala; Bathinda; Ferozepur; Jalandhar; Ludhiana; Khanna; Moga; Mohali; Mandi Gobind Garh; Mansa; Pathankot; Phagwara


Chennai – Mount Road; Parrys

Agra; Aligarh; Allahabad; Bhadoni; Greater Noida; Kanpur; Lucknow; Meerut; Muradabad; Noida; Varanasi

 Kolkata- R.N. Mukherji Road, Mullick Bazar

Jammu – TRC Extension Counter; Rajori Jawahar Nagar ; Poonch – Main Branch; Kathua-Main Branch; Udhampur-Shakti Nagar ; Doda-Pul Doda

 TRC Extension Counter


Chandigarh (Union Territory) 





Himachal Pradesh 




 Madhya Pradesh 



Tamil Nadu 

Uttar Pradesh 

West Bengal

Jammu & Kashmir


Problems & Suggestions


All Intending yatries should take special note of the Following Points 

Insurance: In View of the hazardous nature of the yatra, all yatries are advised to insure themselves, preferably before departure from the home stations. However, arrangements  for insurance will also be available at the two base-camps during the yatra period.

Accommodation: In order to cater to the requirements of all yatries, tented accommodation with bedding facilities is being set-up by the J&K Tourism Development Corporation and private parties during the yatra period for use on payment basis. Facilities for booking such accommodation  at rates approved by the State Tourism Department will be available at the base-camps.

Personal effects: Because of the weather conditions, which can often be wet and cold  during the yatra period, yatries are advised to carry rain coats, woollens , umbrellas, walking sticks , personal medical kits etc.The details are given in the Yatra Information Pamphlet.

Note : No yatri shall touch or tamper with Holy Lingam or/& place or throw anything on the Holy  Lingam.

The Director Tourism Kashmir has put the condition that “THE N.G.O. SHALL NOT PROVIDE ACCOMMODATION TO ANY YATRI WHETHER FREE OR ON PAYMENT BASIS INSIDE LANGAR PREMISES”. This condition is illegal, unfair, arbitrary, dictatorial and unjustified by any stretch of imagination as this tantamount to interference in the religious affairs of Hindus. It will not be out of place to mention here that most of the pilgrims are financially poor and they are unable to manage even for the Bus/Rail fare. It is not possible for these poor pilgrims to stay in the private tents by spending large amount of money for night stays. Moreover, the very purpose of the N.G.O.’s to provide free night shelter to the poor pilgrims will be defeated if this condition is not withdrawn unconditionally. We would also like to stay here that to provide night shelters to the poor pilgrims by the N.G.O.’s is not a new thing rather, it is an old age long practice. We lodge our strong protest against this condition and strongly demand that this condition should be withdrawn immediately. However, we shall have no objection on this condition if the J&K Tourism / J&K Gov. makes adequate arrangements for providing night shelters to the pilgrims free of cost. 

The Director Tourism Kashmir has inserted few new conditions such as “NO PHOTOCOPIES OF THIS PERMISSION SHALL BE ACCEPTED/ENTERTAINED BY THE YATRA OFFICER(s).” vide condition no.1, “THE N.G.O. SHALL PROCEED TO THE LANGAR SITE ALONG WITH MEN AND MATERIAL IN ONE GO WITH THE ORIGINAL COPY OF THE LANGAR PERMISSION TO AVOID ANY INCONVINENCE” vide condition no.3 and “THE N.G.O. SHALL FURNISH THE PARTICULARS OF SEWADARS ALONG WITH THEIR PHOTOGRAPHS TO THE DIRECTOR TOURISM, JAMMU FOR ISSUENCE OF PASSES/IDENTITY CARDS BUT THE NUMBERS OF SEWADARS SHALL IN NO CASE EXCEED THE PRESCRIBED CEILING OF 25 (TWENTY FIVE)” vide condition no.7 of THE PERMISSION LETTER FOR LANGAR ISSUED TO THE N.G.O.’s dated 10-06-2002. Condition no.1 is wrong and we demand and suggest that photocopy of the langar permission attested by the office bearers of the concerned N.G.O. should be accepted by the Yatra Officer. Fixation of the number of sewadars to a maximum of 25 should be withdrawn and the old practice should be continued i.e. at least 100 Sewadars should be allowed and their registration/permission should also be done by the J&K Bank and with open date as has been the past practice as these conditions are not justified and reasonable by any stretch of imagination as the arrangement of Langar is 45-50 days affair and very few people can afford to spent these many days. As a matter of fact the organizers and sewadars manage this affair by dividing it in 3-4 groups each spending 12-16 days moreover, the organizers/office bearers have to go to Langar site from their native place 2-3 times during this whole affair. Above all it is not only difficult rather impossible to plan and carry  the Langar material in one go. We  lodge our strong protest against these arbitrary, dictatorial and illegal conditions and demand that these should be withdrawn unconditionally, immediately .
We have observed in the past that the permission for  organising Langar  is  given  very late and site number/site  plan  is  not  allocated/attached  along with permission.  We suggest that  the Permission  to Organise Langars should be given at least 60  days  before  the  commencemence of yatra along with  specified   site  number and the copy of site plan - so that langar  organisations    may  plan  to carry their materials in  advance  at  pre-decided sites.  Last year the permission to organise langar was  granted   by The Director Tourism whereas no site was specified. The  site    number was given by the Dy. Commissioner concerned and that  too only on visiting the D.C.'s Office.  We suggest that site number should  be allotted and incorporated within the permission  letter,  so as avoid inconvenience to the Non Govt.  Organisations.    The original permission letter along with site number & copy  of site plan should be sent through Registered AD/Courier.   Moreover, automatic permission without seeking an application  should  be granted to all the NGOs' who have been organising langar  for the last many years.
We  have observed that the procedure for registration of  yatris  is  very  complicated  and the number  of  Registration  Centers  opened  by the J & K Tourism for the registration of  Yatris  is   only  7  (seven), which is very meager considering  the  size  & population of the country.  Moreover, the number of counters  at  Registration  Centers  are too less to cope up  with  the  heavy  rush.  The process of registration of pilgrims should be started    at least 3 months before the commencement of yatra to avoid heavy  rush  & unnecessary harassment to the yatris.  We  suggest  that  Registration  procedure  should be simplified  and  Registration      Centers  should  be opened at each &  every   district   of  the   Country.  This will enable the people living in different  parts   of  India to have an easy access to these registration  Centers.      We  also  request that on the spot registration should  be  done  immediately  and the number of registration counters  should  be   increased - so that the yatris may not have to wait for days  to  get  their registration slip.  Moreover, proper  arrangement  of   seats,   drinking    water  &  toilets should be  made  for  the   convenience of yatris at the registration Centers. Last  year,  yatris were forced to face lot  many  hardships  in completing  the  registration  formalities.   The  devotees   of   Bhagwan  Shiv  Shankar  Ji (Shri  Amarnath Yatris)  were  lathi charged  at  Registration Centers, TRC, Jammu number  of  times.     Moreover,  they were forced to sleep on roads as all  the  hotel   accommodation was full to its capacity. We further suggest that registration of pilgrims should be  done  on  line through Internet.  This job should be entrusted to  any  reputed NGO.  However, we offer our services for doing this job.   It will not be out of place to mention here that we have already  hosted   our   website   on   Shri   Amarnath   Yatra     namely  www.amarnathyatra.com.  Ours was the first ever website on  Shri   Amarnath  Yatra and thousands of pilgrims/devotees have  already  visited our website. 
We  have  observed in the past that there is no  arrangement  of   Pucca  Shelters  on the yatra route from  Baltal/Chandanwari  to   Holy  Cave  and  only temporary tented  accommodation  is  being    provided  by  the  Non  Government  Organisations.  In  case  of  inclement  weather - the rainy water seeps through  these  tents and almost all the belongings of Yatris and Langar Organisations  become  wet and it becomes almost impossible for the  Yatris  to survive  in this utmost cold weather - as happened in  1996.  In  order  to avoid re-occurrence of such tragedy, it  is  suggested              that  the  J&K  Government should construct  Pucca  Shelters  in  sufficient numbers at all the halts      en route Yatra.

Keeping  in  view the above para - we strongly demand  that  the  Langar  Organisations  should  be allotted  land  by  the  State  Government  for the construction of Pucca Shelters FREE OF  COST   or at a nominal price.  Anyhow, we are thankful to the J&K Govt.  and  Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) for deciding  to  allot   the  land to the NGOS' for 10 years Management Contract as  this  will enable the Langar Organisations to construct Pucca Shelters  for the safe & comfortable stay of yatris en route yatra and base  camps.  Moreover, a specific site must be provided to the  NGOS'  at the earliest.  We suggest that an approved uniform design  of  shelters  for  all  the  NGOs' should be  provided  by  the  J&K Govt./SASB.

It  has  been observed in the past that all the  NGOs,  who  are  organising langar at higher altitudes discontinue their services  4-5  days earlier than the actual concluding date of  the  yatra   because  during  concluding  days ponies are  not  available  to   transport  their material back to their base camps.  During  the  concluding days the security forces start sending their men  and  material to their base camps and they forcibly engaged all the ponies available on the spot.  Therefore, there is no pony  left  for the NGOs.  If all the NGOs leave earlier than the concluding  date,  then  too much difficulties are rendered  to  the  yatris   because  of non-availability of food, accommodation &  medicines  etc.  The security forces may please be instructed not to engage  ponies  before the actual concluding date of the yatra  so  that  the NGOs stay at their respective places to serve the yatris and  they  do not have any problem in transporting the material  back  to  their base camps and security forces shall be last to  leave  their place.

We have observed that last year, the rates fixed were very high.   For  example,  the rate fixed for L.P.G. refill  was  more  than   Rs.900/- each at Panchtarni whereas in 1998 the rate was approx.  Rs.  500/- and in 1997 the same was Rs. 300/-. The rate of  more  than  Rs.900/- for one refill of LPG cannot be justified in  any   manner  whatsoever.  Similarly, the rate  for kerosene  oil  was   Rs.21/-  at Panchtarni whereas the rate of the same was  Rs.4.50  per  liter  at Baltal.  Other items such as Wheat  floor,  Rice,  sugar,  fire  wood  etc. were also fixed  on  higher  side.   We suggest  that the rates should be fixed reasonably as  the  NGOs   use these  items  for the benefit of the yatris.  On enquiry, we  have  reliably  come to know that the charges are fixed  on  the    higher  side  because  the materials are  transported  from  the   Chandanwari side instead of Baltal side (which is shorter route)  and   transportation   cost   is   added   on   the   basis   of   pony/pithoo/labour  charges from Chandanwari instead of  Baltal.  We suggest that the material should be transported to Panchtarni &  Holy  Cave  from Baltal  side  where  the  Pony/pithoo/labour  charges  are less than half in comparison to  pony/pithoo/labour charges  from  Chandanwari  side.  In case our  this  demand  is accepted,  the prices will automatically come  down.   Moreover,   due  to higher  rates the sale of above said items remains  very  meager, which can be verified from the records of Food &  Supply   Deptt.,  thus resulting in huge loss to the State Govt.  as  the  material has to be transported back.

RATE  (BPR)   BY GOVT. OF INDIA FOR SHRI AMARNATH JI YATRA We  have been reliably given to understand  that Govt. of  India    has  been providing rice & wheat/wheat flour for Amarnath  Yatra at BPR rates to J&K Govt. in thousands of tons, but the same  is  not being available to the yatris/NGOs at BPR rates.  We suggest   you  to ensure that the above ration materials are  supplied  at   BPR rates to the NGOs/yatris.

We  have  observed in the past that the NGOs as well  as  yatris  have to face lot of inconvenience & hardships in the absence  of   one  officer  who  can solve the problems of  NGOs  as  well  as  yatris.   We  suggest  that  one such  Liaison  Officer  must  be  appointed  at  each & every camping site, who should  act  as  a bridge between NGOs/yatris and various departments of the  Govt.  linked with Shri Amarnathji Yatra.

Last  year  i.e. in yatra 2002, rent was charged from  NGOs  who   have organised langar at Baltal - by Tehsildar Kangan, which is   quite un-desirable &  unjustified.  We suggest that the charging   of rent from NGOs should be done away with.

Last  year,  pilgrims  in general and NGOs  in  particular  were  harassed  at Zakura Check Post by the J&K Police and the  Distt.   Administration.   The pilgrims holding valid registration  slips              from Baltal route were denied to pass Zakura Check Post and were told  to  go through the Pahalgam route.   Those  pilgrims   who  insisted upon going via Baltal route were unduly detained for  a   large  period of time before being allowed to  proceed  further.  Moreover,  even the office bearers of the NGOS' were  denied  to  pass  through  Zakura Check Post and the registration  slips  of   langar  staff duly issued by the J&K Tourism were torn  and  the  officers said that these are not valid yatra registration  slips   -  for  the reasons best known to the concerned  officials.   We  suggest that pilgrims as well as NGOS' are not subjected to this  type of illegal harassment and inconvenience. 

We  have  observed in the past that Potable water is  not  being   sufficiently provided by the State Government to the yatris  and  Langar Organisations.   Last year, we tried to provide  filtered  water  to  the yatris and for this purpose we  purchased  Eureka  Forbes  Aqua Guard Filters, but unfortunately they did not  work    properly  due  to the blockage due to small  stones  which  came  along  with  water.   We therefore  suggest  that  spring  water  (potable) from higher reaches should be provided to each  Langar  organisation as well Yatris en route yatra and base camps.

Subsidized  bus  fares should be charged from  yatris  traveling from    Jammu    to    Pahalgam/Chandanwari    &    Jammu     to   Srinagar/Sonamarg/Baltal. We have observed in the past that Taxi   Fares/Bus  Fares/Ponies charges - Pithoo (Labourer)  were  being   fixed  on  very  higher side but practically  those  yatris  who  bargained,  pay much lesser rates and those who did not  bargain  were made to pay higher charges.

We have observed in the past that there is no proper arrangement being made for clean and separate toilets for Ladies and  Gents.    We  have  experienced  that  pits  are  dug  and  plastic  sheet   partitions  are  made  but  the  front  side  is  remains  open. Moreover,  neither the pits are cleaned nor anything is  sprayed or  put on to avoid foul smell.  Also the Govt. has  never  made  any  provision of bathrooms. We suggest that clean and  separate toilets for ladies and gents and in adequate numbers with  solid  partitions  and  also neat & clean bathrooms  at least  for  lady   yatris should be provided to yatris at Base Camps & en route Holy Cave.  Last year, although the toilets were under  construction,   but  the construction work was not completed till the last  date  of  darshan because the construction work was started late.   We  request that this time the toilets and bathrooms should be  made  ready before the commencemence of yatra, 2003.

We  have  noted in the past that J&K Government  has  fixed  the  number  of  pilgrims and in an effort to ensure that  the  total  number  of  yatris  does not exceed the fixed  number.  The  J&K Tourism department/J&K Govt. resort to illegal, un-democratic  &  unjustified   measures   on   the   plea   of   SEN    Committee  recommendations.    This results in unnecessary  mental/physical  harassment  of the devotees and their religious sentiments  also get  hurt in the process.  We kindly request your good self  that  there  should  be no restriction on the number of  pilgrims  and              instead  Government  should make adequate arrangements  for  the yatra  of any number of pilgrims.  Ours is a democratic  country with the population of more than 100 crores and every citizen of   India  has constitutional right to perform the yatra of  his/her  religion.   In case, following of un-restricted number of  yatris is impossible, the number fixed per day should be increased in a  phased  manner.  We suggest that this year the number of  yatris   per  day should be increased to 6500 i.e. 4500 from  Pahalgam  -   Chandanwari and 2000 from Baltal.  Next year, the number  should   be  raised  to  7500  and  so  on.   We  further  suggest   that  registration procedure should be done away with finally, may  be  at a later stage and yatra slip system should  be adopted as  is  being done at Shri Mata Vaishnoo Devi yatra. 

We  have come to know that on the spot/current registration  has   been  disallowed  this  year.  We suggest  that  this  decision  should  be  withdrawn and on the  spot/current  registration  of   pilgrims  must  be done, as it is far more  convenient  for  the  pilgrims  to  Performa  the  yatra  after  on  the  spot/current  registration, whereas it becomes very difficult for the pilgrims   to   first   go  to  the  registration  centre   for   obtaining  registration  slip and then returning back to his place  of  his  residence and then again going to perform yatra.  For example  a person  from  Simla/Manali/Chandigarh/Rajpura wants  to  perform  yatra.   First  of  all he will have to go to  Jammu  to  obtain  registration  slip  and  then  come back to  his  place  of  his  residence i.e. Simla/Manali/Chandigarh/Rajpura and then again he will  have to go to Jammu to perform yatra.  Is this  fair?   We  hope that you must agree with our genuine request and will allow on the spot/current registration for pilgrims.

Adequate  arrangements  of ponies & coolies should be  made  and  reasonable rates should be fixed to ensure smooth performing  of  yatra by the pilgrims.

We  are  extremely thankful to the J&K  Government  for  opening STD/PCO'S  en route  Amarnath Yatra, but we  have  observed  that  there is plenty of rush on the PCO'S and the yatris have to wait  for  hours  in  queue to make the calls. We  kindly  request  to increase the number of PCO'S at each halt to at least 10 PCOs  to  facilitate  the pilgrims to remain in contact with their  family  members.  Moreover, computerized billing of calls must  be  made  compulsory so as to ensure that yatris are not over charged. 

We  request  you to provide temporary telephone  connections  to Langar Organisations, so as to enable them to remain in  regular contact with their base camps.

We  have  experienced in the past that  the  medical  facilities  provided were insufficient and there was lack of proper  medical  equipments.  Therefore,  it is kindly  requested  that  adequate  medical  facilities be provided along with qualified  doctors  at   base  camps & en route yatra so that any type of casualty can  be avoided. 

We have observed in past so many years that no provision of Lady  Doctors  has  ever  been  made for  the  female  yatris.  It  is  pertinent  to  mention here that about 40%  yatris  are  female. Therefore,  it  is necessary to depute Lady Doctors in  all  the  medical camps arranged by the J & K Government. 

It  is  a matter of joy that SASB has been constituted  and  our  long  pending  demand  has  been  accepted,  but  we  have  been  requesting  that representation should be given to NGOs  in  the   SASB,  so as to enable them to solve the problems being faced  by  the  pilgrims  as  well  as NGOs as the NGOs  are  aware  of  the  problems  at  the grass root level.  We suggest  that  at least  5 members  should be nominated on the SASB from the different  NGOs after ascertaining the credential of the NGOs.

We  have  observed  in the past that there is  no  provision  of Electricity/Power  supply  en route yatra and yatris have to  face lot  of inconvenience due to non-availability of  power  supply.    Moreover,  the  Langar  Organisations have  to  make  their  own  arrangements  for  the generation of  Electricity/Power  supply, which  is quite difficult on this tough terrain, as in  case  of   break  down in the Gensets there is no availability of  Mechanic  and Spare Parts.   Anyhow, we are thankful to the J&K Govt.  and  SASB for assuring to provide Mechanics en route yatra at  nominal charge.   We further suggest that this basic and very  essential  requirement should be fulfilled by the J&K Government.

We  have  come  to  know through press  that  in  2000  the  J&K  Government had decided to introduce Helicopter service to  aged, physically  handicapped  and sick pilgrims for visiting  Vaishno  Devi  Temple and we request you to provide similar  service  for  Amarnath yatris. 

We  have observed in the past that the meetings with the  Langar  Organisations  are  called by the State Govt. at  a  very  short notice  and that too without any agenda. In order to make  these meetings  fruitful,  we  suggest that the  intimation  of  these meetings  should  be  given sufficiently  in  advance  along with  agenda and on the spot decisions should be taken. Minutes of the  meeting   should   be   recorded  and   circulated   to   Langar  Organisations within a reasonable time frame.  Last year no such  meeting  was  held by the J&K Govt. with the  NGOs'  engaged  in   organising langars.  Only one such meeting was held and that too  with a person who does not organise any langar anywhere and  has created  a  self  styled body which  is  non  representative  in  character.   We suggest that whenever such meeting(s) are  held,  each  and  every NGO should be invited.  The meetings  with  the   NGOS' should be held in the month of the January/February  every  year i.e. before holding the meetings of J&K Govt./SASB and  the  views  of the NGOS' should be considered in the meetings of  the J&K  Govt. and SASB.  Moreover, NGOS' should also be invited  in  the  meetings of J&K Govt. & SASB, so as to provide them  (NGOS)  the opportunity to present their views.

We have observed in the past that ration and fuel material being supplied  by  the  Food  &  Supplies  department  of  the  State Government to the yatris and Langar Organisations are inadequate  &  short  in  supply.   We suggest  that  adequate  arrangements   should  be  made for the supply of Ration &  Fuel  material  for  yatris and Langar Organisations. 

We  are  of  the considered opinion that the  Yatra  route  from  Baltal/Chandanwari to Holy Cave is too NARROW and MUDDY. Keeping  in view the increasing number of yatris every year - we  suggest that  the  above  stated routes should  be  widened  enough  and  concrete road should be constructed on the pattern of SHRI  MATA VAISHNO  DEVI  ROUTE - so as to avoid any loss of  life  of  the  yatris.

In  order to avoid any mishap during the yatra, we suggest  the entire  yatra route i.e. from Chandanwari & Baltal to Holy  Cave  should   be  properly  fenced  with  concrete/stone  and   steel   railings/grills/pipes.   In case fencing of entire route is  not  possible immediately this year, at least those portions where the  track  is  narrow  &  slippery  -  must  be  fenced  before  the commencement of yatra this year (2002).

We have observed in the past that the roads from Ranga to Baltal and Pahalgam to Chandanwari are NARROW and MUDDY. As and when it rains  -  which normally happens during the yatra days  -  these  NARROW  and  MUDDY  roads become slippery and  it  becomes  very  difficult,  sometimes  rather impossible for  the  vehicles  and  yatris  to move on these roads. We strongly suggest  that  these  roads should be widened and metaled well before the commencement     of Yatra.

We  have observed in the past that the condition of  roads  from Anantnag  to Pahalgam and Srinagar to Ranga via Sonamarg  remain  in bad condition at the time of yatra. It is very dangerous  and  risky  for  the  yatris and vehicles to  move  on  these  roads.    Sometimes,  the repair/black topping work is being  done  during  the  Yatra period. It creates traffic problem and takes  lot  of time   to   reach   the  destination.  We   suggest   that   the  construction/black topping work of these roads must be completed  well before the commencement of Yatra. 

The  Excise & Taxation Department of the J&K Govt.  is  charging  Toll  Tax at different places from yatris who are  traveling  in  their own conveyance and the vehicles carrying langar  material, which  is  uncalled for.  This should be done away with  and  no  Toll  Tax should be charged from yatra & langar vehicles at  any  station/barrier.

The  staff of the Excise & Taxation Deptt. at  Lakhanpur  Border  unnecessarily  harass the vehicles carrying langar  material  on  one  pretext  or the other even when they are  having  requisite permission.  This harassment is being done to exhort extra money  apart  from  the  Toll Tax from the langar  vehicles.   In  this  regard,  we were assured during the meeting held  on  21.05.2001      that  matter  shall be taken up with the  concerned  deptt.  and   there  will  be  no harassment in the  future.   We  once  again  request to take up the matter with the Excise & Taxation  Deptt.  and it must be ensured that no vehicle carrying langar  material  is harassed. 

Large  number of innocent pilgrims & other people were  brutally massacred by extremists at Pahalgam on 1st August, 2000 and last  year also one such incident took place at Sheshnag.  These  type  of  incidents  had  exposed  the  loop-holes  in  the   security   arrangements  made by the J&K government.  We demand  that  fool  proof  security  arrangements  should be made  and  it  must  be  ensured that such type of incidents do not occur in future.

It is a matter of great concern that yatris who were waiting for completing  the registration formalities were lathi  charged  by  the  J&K Police at Registration Centers, Tourist  Centre,  Jammu  during Shri Amarnath Yatra 2000 & 2001.  This situation occurred due to inefficiency & inadequate arrangement of J&K Govt.  It is suggested that appropriate arrangements should be made to  avoid   re-occurrence of such type of ugly incidents.

In the past yatra and langar vehicles were not being allowed  to  reach  Udhampur  via above route in spite of the fact  that  this  route  is  shorter by more than 50 Kms.  We  suggest  that  this     route  should be opened for yatra as well as langar vehicles  as  on the one hand this will enable the yatris & langar vehicles to  reach Udhampur early and on the other hand the unnecessary heavy         traffic at Jammu shall be avoided.

Keeping  in  view the above para, we suggest that base  camp  of Nagrota should be shifted to Udhampur as Udhampur is the  common  place  for  yatris  - whether they go from Jammu  side  or  from  Samba/Mansar/Udhampur road.

We  have  been  informed that base camp  of  Pahalgam  has  been  shifted  to Nunwan due to security reasons.  In this regard,  we have to state that we have no objection in the shifting of above base camp.  We suggest that even if this site is un-secured, the  base camp may be shifted to some other place keeping in view the  security  aspects, but it must be ensured that Bus/Car Stand  is   situated  very near to the langar sites, so that the yatris  are  not forced to cover a long distance on foot and there is a  fool  proof security arrangements.

Government  should  allow  Langar organisations  to  take  their  materials  to site of langar without any interruption.  We  have  experienced  in the past that langar organisations find it  very  difficult to carry their langar material to higher altitude near  Holy  Cave  or  Panchtarni. Therefore, we  kindly  request  that   langar  materials  should  be  transported  by  the   Government  helicopters at a subsidized or nominal transportation charges.

With  a heavy heart, we would like to bring to your kind  notice that  Mr. Parbhat Singh, Superintendent of Police  (Yatra),  who reached Panchtarni along with Chharri Mubarak on 03.08.2001 came  to  our  bhandara  in a heavily drunkard  condition  (under  the influence  of  liquor)  on  04.08.2001  at  about  10.30PM   and  committed  the  following atrocities and that  too  without  any  provocation and reasoning :-

He  straight  away  tried to pull down the office  tent  of  the   bhandara,  where the trust President, Rajan Gupta  and  Bhandara  In charge,  Mr. Ramesh Bhatia were sitting.  He abused  and  used  very vulgar & filthy language.  He pushed and manhandled  President & Bhandara In charge.  He threatened of dire consequences to  the office bearers of our organisation.  He also went to another  Bhandara  namely Om Shiv Shakti Sewa Mandal (Regd.) of Cheeka  & Delhi  and  abused & manhandled the office bearers of  the  said  bhandara.   He  snatched and threw away the food  plates  from  sewadars  & yatris, who were having their dinner.  He  continued  his rampage and pulled down the tent of J&K Fire Service adjoining our bhandara.  All this was done in the presence of 7 Jawans   & 1 Inspector of the CRPF, who were deputed by the Commandant of   the  CRPF,Mr. Daya Ram for the security  of the Office  bearers,  Sewadars of both the bhandaras and yatris. Apart from the above, the Sub Inspector and Asstt. Sub Inspector along with few Jawans   of the J&K Police were also present at the time of incident.  As  this was not enough to satisfy his ego, he again manhandled  the  office  bearers of our organisation and lathi charged the  sewadars  in the presence of Mr. Karamjit Singh - Yatra  Officer  in  the  morning  of  05.08.2001 when the sewadars of  both  of  the  bhandaras were raising peaceful protest in a democratic  manner. In nutshell, he behaved in such a manner as he was dealing  with criminals  or  militants totally ignoring the fact that  we  the   sewadars  of Yatries of Almighty Lord Bhole Nath, who have  left   our  homes for about 40 days and that too without any  financial consideration.  He created such a terror that no one could sleep for  whole of night. It was in fact a frightful night.   He  was not  ready to listen to anyone despite repeated requests by  the Office  Bearers and Sewadars of both the bhandaras.  He  grossly  misused his official position.  Mr. Karamjit Singh-Yatra  Officer,  in whose presence Mr. Parbhat Singh, S.P. (Yatra) has  misbehaved and lathi charged on 05.08.2001, apologized and  assured to report the matter to the higher authorities and also  assured sternest  possible  action  against  Mr.  Parbhat  Singh,   S.P. (Yatra). 

It  will not be out of place to mention here that our above  said two bhandaras were the only ones, which were present in the whole of the Panchtarni for providing the boarding & lodging facilities   to  the yatris up to the last moment, as all the  other  bhandaras  and  even  private tents (Camping Agencies) had  left  Panchtarni  much  earlier. We would also like to add here that there  was  no reason  at all for provocation.  All the para-military,  Military forces,  Officers  of the J&K Police and other officials  of  the  Govt.  departments  posted  at  Panchtarni  are  aware  of   this    incident.  This type of misbehavior and that too from the  rank  of  Superintendent  of Police is un-expected,  un-desirable,  un-justified and un-called for and that too in a drunkard  position, at duty and that too at a Holy place where consumption of  liquor is  banned  both morally and legally.  We suggest  that  sternest  possible  action  must  be taken against the  said  official  and necessary  directions may kindly be issued so as to  ensure  that such type of incidents does not occur in future.


Trust Information

Devoted to Serve Pilgrims To Amarnath Yatra

 But it  is a fact that 

" Servers are Born not Made"

' To Serve' or 'To Help others' is something which is an inbuilt element of humanity. It can be expressed  in many and  Innumerable forms viz. serving the nation, serving the handicapped, Serving the poor, serving the pilgrims etc.
It is with this spirit only that the trustees of this organisation who were serving people informally through association with different Non-Government Charitable Organisations since last two decades  felt the necessity to establish a formal organisation with a defined motive . The 1996  tragedy which cost lives of numberless pilgrims marching towards the Holy Cave became the cause of  immediate motivation. As a matter of fact most of the trustees were also performing the yatra when the 1996 tragedy took place. The spirit to serve the yatris got  strengthened with more vigour after  facing  the terrible conditions & circumstances by the now trust members along with the other yatris . 
So it was  in 1997 that the  members who were scattered, finally united under  the banner "Bhole Bhandari Sewa Sangathan". In 1999 this took the shape of "Bhole Bhandari Charitable Trust (Regd.)" and is now serving under the guidance of Mr. Rajan Gupta with whole hearted support from members.

Visiting Amaranth Ji, a Holy Cave, which in itself arouse a divine spirit among the yatris, is certainly like attaining ‘Moksha’, in real terms. The yatris have to under go difficulties and tantrums during the Yatra / pilgrimage. There number  is   growing   every year . The trust took a decision  to help  the Yatris / pilgrims  in their problems, that too, totally free of cost. Some of the services rendered by the Trust, for general information is listed below :

1.  Arranging Community Kitchens totally free of cost to the pilgrims. 
So far, the trust has performed community kitchens at the following places:
1997 – Chandanwadi  & Panchtarni.
1998 – Baltal.
1999 – Baltal & Panchtarni.
2000 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2001 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2002 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2003 – Panchtarni & Baltal.

2004 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2005 – Panchtarni & Baltal.

2006 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2007 – Panchtarni & Baltal.

2008 – Will be at Panchtarni & Baltal.


2.  Providing tented accomodation along with all necessary amenities viz. blankets, general medicines etc. to all the pilgrims.

3.  To provide and furnish full information about the  Amarnath Yatra.

4.  Taking up the Grievances / Complaints of the pilgrims along with constructive suggestions with the State / Central govt. at the highest level. Grievances / Complaints

And many more…..

       BHOLE BHANDARI CHARITABLE TRUST (REGD.) is planning to construct concrete / rain / snow shelter halls and separate toilets for Ladies & Gents at Chandanwari, Baltal & Panchtarni.

     The Trust, contributed a sum of Rs. 31,000/-  (Rupees Thirty one Thousand only) towards PRIME-MINISTER’S RELIEF FUND and also helped Para Military forces by providing them food-packets and by boosting their morale during Kargil war in 1999 and is firmly dedicated to the service of the nation in all ways it can. 
      The Trust contributed a sum of Rs. 21000/- (Rupees Twenty one Thousand  only) towards the PRIME MINISTER RELIEF FUND for the victims of Gujrat Earthquake.

For any Suggestion Please click here.

Members of the Trust :




Telephone No.


Rajan Gupta

J. K. Cycles,
E-316, Phase IV-A, Focal Point,   Ludhiana.

(O) 2670800 
Mobile :- 3117289

Vice President

Bharat Bhushan 'Bharti'

International Racing
Gears Pvt.Ltd.,
B - 50/51, Phase VII ,Focal Point , 

(O) 2672657,5025271
(R) 2660737,2609110
Mobile :- 3116851

General Secretary 

Rajesh Marwaha

Harrison Paint Industries,
Plot Nop. 5, Industrial Area A,  Ludhiana.

(O) 2662298,2668764
(R) 2603924

Finance Secretary

Om Pal Thapar

Thapar Udyog (India),
St. No - 3, New Kartar Nagar, Ludhiana

( O & R ) 2492387
Mobile :- 9814112287


Harish Dua

J.D. Textiles,
Plot No 6, Mohindra Enclave,
Moti Nagar,

(O) 5108268, 2608268
(R) 2403126

Kewal Kapoor

Rashtrya Mechanical works,
K - 90,  Phase VII , Focal Point Ludhiana

(O) 5086516
(R) 2662080
Mobile :- 9814120850

Jt. Secretary

Mukesh Thapar

Mukesh Textiles,
B - XXIII 2894, Link Road,

(O) 2606686
(R) 2572356

Rakesh Marwaha 

Asha Paint and Chemicals,
711, Janak Puri St No. 4, 

Mobile :- 9814098280

Shashi Bhushan

HM 80 Jamalpur Colony Ludhiana

(M) 9815090780

(R) 2677780



Jt. Finance Secretary

Pawan Kumar Dhingra

Dhingra Cloth House,
Muradabad (U.P.)

(O) 2327413
(R) 2310524




Bhandara Incharge

Bhushan Pabbi

H. No. 991, 
Near Sardar Flour Mills, 
Haibowal Kalan, 

(R) 2475125

Ramesh Bhatia

 M/s Bhatia Auto Mobiles,
Iqbal Ganj Chowk, 

(R) 2668813
Mobile :- 9814655349

Press Secretary

Vinod Mahindra

689, Vishwa Mitter Lane, Civil Lines, Ludhiana .

(O & R ) 2442222, 2449507

Prapoganda Secretary

Parveen Goel 


(O) 2533615
(R) 2470583
Mobile :- 9814120815

Navdeep Jindal


(O) 4620353
(R) 2301568
Mobile :- 9216253053



Kailash Goenka

Ludhiana Beverages Ltd.


Surinder Goel


(O) 2677001
(R) 2709878

Sunil Gupta

Jammu (J & K)

(O) 0191-2560561
(M) 09419187714

Subhash Garg


(O) 2501285
(R) 2490285

Rama Monga


(O) 2501285
(R) 2606135

G.B. Mital

New Delhi

(O) 23278625
(R) 23284836









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Ashok khemani     

(Chief Executive)

Cell   : +92.333.3130724


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Punjab (India):
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Dileep Kessani


Jodhpur(Raj) India:
Mob.    : +91-94132-56266




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